After a long year of pandemics, Hollywood has produced great films in 2021. From thriller to comedy, drama to action, there has been a number of good films released this year. It is more than half a year now and we have to acknowledge the best films so far.

So here you go with 5 Best films of 2021 so far


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The Father, starring the legendary Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, is a story about an old man suffering from dementia. The film follows the mechanism of his daughter coping with his condition. The film follows the old man’s perspective of his changing surrounding. The man tries to excel in his emotional depths which makes it hard for him to trust his loved ones, which follows the catharsis of him doubting the reality of life.

Florian Zellen, the director takes the audience on an emotional ride throughout the film, especially, the last 15-20 minutes. With still frames and bright lighting, the film still maintains to give a spine-chilling experience. On the other hand, Anthony Hopkins again impresses his audience with his mind-blowing acting, taking him in nominations for Best Actor in Academy Awards this year.

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Directed by David Lowery, The Green Knight is loosely based on a fourteen-century poem about King Arthur and his nephew Gawain. The film is David’s version of an Autharian legend about honor and faith. On the day of Christmas, Gawain accepts the challenge from Green Knight, a being with half human and half tree. The Green Knight, played by Ralph Ineson, waits for a whole year for Gawain to claim his head. The journey unfolds Gawain’s encounter with wars on land and bewitched forests. Gawain is ready to lose himself in his journey, however, manages to save himself through his beliefs and the company of his sorceress mother and his horse.

The film stars, Dev Patel, in the lead. It is filled with a magic spell in such a manner to bind the audience for the whole show with wild tense music and rustling dialogues. The film smoothly reinvents the Aurtharian hunt through aesthetical visuals.


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Directed by Shaka King, Judas, And the Black Messiah is based on the life of Fred Hampton, the chairman of the Panthers’ Illinois Chapter. Hampton was killed at the age of 21 in 1969 by Chicago Police during the raid in his house. The murder is planned in the company of the FBI. The film is narrated and displayed through the FBI Infiltrator William O’Neal and his involvement in the matter.

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The star of the film, Daniel Kaluuya, managed to capture the life of young Hampton’s gift of aspiring people and showcasing his community. The film authentically shows the era of the 70s and 80s atmosphere which sustains the impulse of a thriller.


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Directed by James Gunn, In The Suicide Squad, the intelligence officer Amanda Waller calls for a Task Force X, consisting of criminals from Belle Reve Prison. The team involves the former psychiatrist, Harley Quinn, pyrokinetic ex-gangster, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang with others. The team is assigned in the captaincy of Colonel Rick Flag. He is used as a disposable asset for the accomplishment of the mission for the United States government.

With the righteous violence and humor, the film is one of the best works of the DC Universe. Consequently, proving that superhero movie is getting mature. The film portrays how good writing, direction, the cinematography makes the character go wild.

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Directed by Emma Seligman, Shiva Baby shows an awkward encounter of a college student with her ex-girlfriend and her sugar Daddy at a Jewish Funeral. After having sexual intercourse with her sugar daddy, Jewish Danielle visits her relative’s house with her parents for the shiva; a social gathering for the newly dead. Soon after paying their condolences, people soon engage in gossiping which also includes personal questions for Danielle. Furthermore, Danielle encounters her ex-girlfriend, Maya who she is trying to ignore since their school. Following that, Danielle runs into her sugar daddy, Max. The man is married and has a child comes as a shock to Danielle. Hence, The film revolves around Danielle digging into awkward with proper seasoning.

It is based on Seligman’s Jewish bisexuality and her trial at sugaring. The story beautifully portrays the confusion faced by the bisexual population with the contrast of keeping secrets from family and friends.