“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life


Films and literature have always liberated from all the cruciality of the world. These both things have always gone hand-in-hand. Books and art have always inspired Cine. It is hugely dependent on the book. As a result, the biggest impact of the kind of literature that has inspired cinema is Dark Academia. Now you’re wondering what the hell is Dark Academia? Well if you’re a fan of the yearning of Emily Bronte poems that focuses on existentialism and death then you are definitely aware of the term.

To simplify, Dark Academia is an academic aesthetic that revolves around literature, way of self-discovery, and passion. It dates back to the European culture of the 19th century, where the upper class emphasized learning classics and rhetoric and cultural books. It includes themes such as mystery, criminal minds, and danger.

Today, Internet has been the best way to communicate with people. Especially, during this pandemic, people have come forward and shared their things on different topics. One of them is Dark Academia. Book geeks and cinephiles have collaborated and shared the world of dark academia together, through films and books.

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Keeping this thought in mind, here are the best 5 Dark Academia films of all to watch for great admirers.

1. Dead Poets Society

This film is the pinnacle of the Dark Academia guild. With the overarching message of “Carpe-diem”, the film heartwarmingly teaches us to stand up for what is right. Robert Williams playing Mr. Keating Anderson who is an English Teacher in an all-boys boarding school showcases the real impact of a teacher in the life of a student. The film illuminates the importance of freedom of expression and knowing the rights and wrongs of life.

2. Kill Your Darlings

Set in 1944, this film is based on the college years of poet Allen Ginsberg. He attended Colombia University. The events happening in the university put him in the trap of murder of one of his acquaintances. Daniel Radcliffe has played the leading role as Ginsberg. Along with Dane DeHaan as Lucien Carr. Ginsberg develops usual feelings with Carr which leads to some huge problems. The film showcases a story of love, friendship, betrayal, that turns deadly.

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3. The Dreamers

The film revolves around two siblings, Isabelle and Theo along with their third American friend, Mathew. These three college students find an unusual friendship in one another. Set in the movement of idealism in France, these three dreams of utopia and self-discovery. The film is an aesthetic gift to the viewers from Bertolucci’s point of view. The film includes sex and nudity and bathtub rants. Each of their ideologies concerns the french wave and mao that follows the question of how society needs to change according to the youth.

4. Black Swan

In direction of Aronofsky, Black swan is a tale of seduction, lack of control, an evil twin, and the art of letting go. Natalie Portman has played Nina Sayers so charismatically that one can not resist himself from not admiring her. The film portrays the fear of penetration, loss, and fate, fear of replacement haunts, Nina. The film deals with Nina’s hallucinations that eat her resulting in affecting her mentally as well as physically. This film is an aesthetic horror with great shots, music, and lots of ballet.

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5. The Talented Mr. Ripley

This masterpiece is a sharp exposition of the truth that every beautiful face hides something behind it. The film is a perfect depiction of the will of a person to be rich resulting in something deadly. Matt Damon has played the leading role. He is capable of murder and deceit. His wickedness is witnessed through his intelligence and charisma in an effort to manipulate everyone alongside his obsession with art and sophistication. With the noir-inspired lighting and Hitchokian elements, the film is an escape plan of Ripley from his own formed trap.

In conclusion, the world of dark academia has produced a multitude of compelling films, but the best 5 dark academia films in the genre are undoubtedly masterpieces that blend gothic elements, academia, and mystery in a unique and captivating way. From “Dead Poets Society” to “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” these films are sure to enchant anyone seeking a thought-provoking and atmospheric viewing experience.