Director: Manish Gupta


The plot of the movie revolves around Bansi Keswani (Vinay Pathak), who is a chartered accountant. He comes under the scanner after CBI raiding his house. Bansi’s client is arrested in a corruption case and accuses Bansi of the forgery of the cheques. Bansi and his family life were already tough with things not in place for him. His situation turns worse from bad when he is accused of fraud and forgery. Bansi and his family hire a lawyer Birbal Chaudhary (Rohan Mehra) to fight for his justice.

The rest of the movie focuses on their fight and difficulty faced by them against the rich and powerful people. The public prosecutor Savek Jamshedji (Ranvir Shorey) is a difficult opponent and Birbal has to fight in the courtroom. As the movie progresses there are many shades of the “innocent” Bansi and his family. The secrets keep coming out turning the case upside down. This makes the story very engaging and appealing through the characters.

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The director Manish Gupta had to portray a courtroom drama dealing with Section 420 IPC. Section 420 IPC is related to the fraud and cheating case. This is a non-bailable offence which in a way, he was successful in doing. The direction was quite good, especially with some scenes in the court. The events showcased in the movie keep the audience on the edge. Also, he did some research work and the detailing in some scenes which were quite appreciable and makes sure that the audience feel the thrill.

The plot twists turning the story upside down are the ones that will keep the audience guessing until the next. The film starts faltering with the screenplay. The audience will feel difficult to engage with the characters. There is no link between the characters’ emotions and couldn’t connect with the audience. Gupta could’ve done a better job here working on the detailing of the characters. The characters needed more intricate work to connect with the audience to gain public support.

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We shouldn’t even talk about the performances of the characters. The name of the actors is enough to tell you that they must’ve done their work brilliantly. Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey were as usual brilliant but it is Rohan Mehra who steals the limelight. Mehra was last seen in Bazaar alongside Saif Ali Khan and is back after 3 years. His performance was quite remarkable and he made his impact even alongside the names of Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey.

The dialogues were very raw and real. The cinematography and the production were quite appreciable with some real-based courtroom scenes. The background score surely adds to the flavor of the movie

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Overall, one shouldn’t miss this one if you are a fan of engaging thrillers. This one will definitely keep you hooked up onto your seat and won’t bore you until the climax.