There is nothing better than a solid musical movie with soulful songs in addition with complete sing-alongs and sexy dance moves. All musical dramas provide variety to the genre for instance epic romantic films, heartwrenching emotional dramas, and many more.

Below are the finest musical films to watch


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Portraying the loneliness of stardom, the film is about a famous singer and his band’s live performance at Live Aid in 1985. The film shows the singer’s struggle for acceptance in society and his world for being a bisexual male.

Bohemian Rhapsody is the most celebrated creation of the worldwide famous and beloved band, Queen. Their lead singer, Freddi Mercury breaks all the stereotypical conventions and becomes one of the best figures in the world. The film shows the rapid success of the band through their iconic songs and performances. The band follows a triumph because of Freddie’s twirl in his lifestyle. The band held its reunion by performing their life’s best performance at Live Aid in 1985 with Freddie coming to terms with the life-forbidding disease.

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Through the narration of the singer himself, the film reveals the group’s formation following its music and success, clashes, and reunion. Along with it, Freddie’s personal conflict and burning loneliness.


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The film portrays the illusion which comes with extra money in the city of Los Angeles, California. It exhibits the term of being in a touch with reality while living in bliss. It interconnects and shapes large patterns of life.

Two aspiring strangers, pianist Sebastian and actress Mia meet on the streets of Los Angeles. Two of them form a connection within the first meet. Both create the magic of L.A., whenever two cross the path by expertly choreographed dance recital. As the couple struggles with their hopes and dreams which is as crushing as influencing.

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The film holds the power of the theatre experience. The film shows great respect and importance to the musicals with lively performances.


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The film, The Greatest Showman portrays the real-life rise of fame of P.T Barnum’s circus with the addition of some fictional characters.

P.T. Burnum is a 19th Century entertainer. He is born in a reserved society who finds it hard to be accepted by the upper-class society. Burnum is forced to do cheap sets to make his living. After trying his luck in various jobs, Burnum finally finds an investor, Philip Carlyle who agrees to put money in his circus as a result, Burnum opens Barnum & Bailey’s Circus. The film explores Barnum’s stardom and his failure whilst forming distance between him and his family.

With entertaining circus tricks and a number of musicals, the film is a perfect pick for musical theatre lovers. The film depicts the potential of an entertainer in addition to his solid satisfaction of self-confidence.

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Starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo as well as Adam Levine in the lead, Begin Again is a journey of a singer who makes to her first album under the guidance and support of a disgraced label record executive.

A couple, Greta and Dave Levine heads their way to New York City when Dave come down to a deal with major record label. Soon after some time, Greta finds herself on her own when Dave’s inclination towards his success comes in way of their relationship. Luck waves towards Gretta when an dishonored label record executive, Dan records her first cover album in the streets of New York City.

The film finds a way to new beginnings in life. The story is carried for the love of music in a slow pace with great performances.