We love it when films portray women as strong, resilient, graceful, capable rather than being a cliche love interest of men. Films where women conquer the world with their intelligence and smartness. Such women eccentric films give hope to aspiring female filmmakers and artists to have an impactful chance to showcase their talent.

Here are 4 archetypal films about women


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Written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Roma is based on Cuaron’s life. The story is about a young woman who worked in Cuaron’s house where he grew up. The film is Cuaron’s “artful way of delivering a love letter to the woman who raised him”.

Cleo is a young woman who works tirelessly to help her parents, Sofia and Antonio who are at a frantic point in their marriage. The girl takes care of the four children in the house. At the same time balancing her love life and ambitions.The problem arises when political tension arises in Mexico City between student protestors and a fraction of Mexico’s army, affecting Cleo’s personal life too.

Released in a small number of theaters, this Netflix Original brings acute sensitivity to the things in life. The film is more about the situation than the plot itself. Shot in black and white, a family is a present about revisiting a memory.

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Directed by Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby is narration by Morgan Freeman about an aging fighting trainer and a country girl who visualize herself as a boxer. The title refers to the relationship between the two characters, the bond duo shares in the film.

Maggie Fitgerald is a waitress from Missouri Ozarks who aspires to be a boxer. She shows up in L.A. in search of “cut man” and part-time trainer, Frankie Dunn. Frankie denies training her in the excuse of “I don’t train girls” but Maggie too refuses to go back. Finally, Frankie gives in after a little push from avuncular, Scrap. In no time, Frankie teaches her all the techniques and within a year, she is fighting for the WBA Welterweight title of the year and she has her opponents on the ropes. But her life takes a turn when she loses in the tournament.

The film is a beautiful showcase of how strangers can become a family. Both Frankie and Maggie develop a relationship of a father and a daughter. It is a perfect example of telling that dreams are not bound by limits.

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Directed by David Frankel, The Devil Wears Prada was a loose inspiration of an assistant’s session, Lauren Weisberger with Vogue‘s editor. The film showcases the expectation of working in a renowned workplace contrasted with reality.

The film tells the story of Andy Sachs, a recently graduated journalism major from Brown University. Andy applies for the second assistant to Miranda Priestly, the editor of Runaway Magazine. Miranda is the most respected and admired figure in the world of fashion. Coming to the fashion sense, Andy is dead at that who wears dowdy clothes dissimilar to Emily, first assistant of Miranda. In spite of having a bad sense of clothing, Andy scores herself as Miranda’s second assistant for her smart working skills. Further in the movie, something happens that seduces Andy to the dark side of fashion which makes her loyal to Miranda.

The film is sparkly, witty, and frequently funny. It showcases the energetic satire alongside an exemplary melodrama of the fashion world. It portrays the female power, codifies as ‘feminine. The story is about climbing over class division and acquiring female power.


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Inspired by writer, Kata Weber, Pieces of a Woman is a portrayal of the grief of a mother whose baby dies after few minutes of its birth. The film is emotionally raw which with the extent of grief and anger.

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Martha Weiss is a corporate executive, who is pregnant. Her husband, Seam is a blur collar construction worker. Despite having a difference of working class, both find a common ground to spend their married life happily. The night of the delivery has arrived and Martha is about to go into her labor. The couple calls their midwife but stuck in some work, the midwife sends a replacement, Eva. Initially, everything goes with a plan with Ava. With the customary pain, discomfort, pain, Martha delivers a healthy baby after the hustle of 30 mins of the film. But soon after seconds of new-happiness-found, the baby starts turning blue and her heart stops. The story further unfolds the couple’s soaking grief. The death of the child brings a difference of world between the couple and they do not know how to handle it.

With a mind-blowing performance by Vanessa Kirby, the film is one of the best movies of the year. The film unfolds itself in its own time, seeking praise from all over the world.