The popularity of animated movies have constantly been increasing in mainstream audience. An example is Demon Slayer: Mugen Train’s popularity at the box office. So, it is time we also respect animated movies from other countries because every region’s animated movie reflects that respective region’s origin and culture. So, you have something new in every animated movie. Here are 10 Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai Best Animated Movies On Netflix.

Best Animated Movies On Netflix

The Legend Of Hei – Chinese

Best Animated Movies On Netflix
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Apart from Japanese animated movies, every movie on this list will be underrated. The Legend Of Hei is one of them only. You can watch this even if you don’t know anything about anime. This is an excellent way to start.

The Legend Of Hei does not do anything exceptional regarding animated movies. But it gets all the basics right and works well in every setting. And the fact that Chinese animation is so beautiful is the cherry on top.

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Flavours Of Youth – Chinese

From one gorgeous Chinese animated movie to another. Flavours Of Youth might be one of the most surreal and aesthetic animation I have ever seen. And the screenplay is quite complex yet simple at the same time.

The movie tells the story in three parts and deals with nostalgia. It tells you how the young life was completely free. But it does not tell you that past was better. You have to move on with life and time.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf – Korean

I adored the decision of makers to explore Witcher’s world in different ways. And one of the project in that was this. Nightmare of the Wolf was exceptionally well made and well written movie.

It explored Geralt’s past and gave us a new perspective on Witcher’s and the trials they must overcome. The sword fighting scenes were exceptional, and I loved every second of this movie.

Seoul Station – Korean

Best Animated Movies On Netflix
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Let’s get into horror genre now. Korean cinema knows how to make a good horror movie, and it also shows in this movie. The only downside of this movie was that the voice actors and the characters’ expressions sometimes did not match.

Seoul Station is a prequel to Train To Busan, and if you loved that movie, you would love Seoul Station. I love the idea of exploring a world set up by a live action movie through animated movies.


The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra – Thai

9 Satra is one of the most underrated movies ever in general. The action set pieces of this anime are some of my favorite. The choreography of those action scenes were just beautiful.

The way they conveyed the Muay Thai was also excellent and a real treat for everyone.

YAK: The Giant King – Thai

Best Animated Movies On Netflix
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This movie was released as ‘The Robot Giant’ in many regions, so look out for this one under that name. Secondly, it was an absolute treat of a movie you will enjoy.

It is a simple movie with a compelling screenplay. This movie is a re-interpretation of Ramayana. And you will love this robotic version of this Ramayana.

The King Of Pigs – Korean

We should crown Korean anime as king of psychological movies. They know how to make these kinds of movies. The King Of Pigs is another excellent yet overlooked movie that needs more hype.

This movie shows us the dark side of bullying and is a very hard watch. After watching it, you will need some time to digest this movie, but it will be worth it.

Mirai – Japanese

There are millions of Japanese movies, and you might have already heard about most of them. So, we have tried to include some recent Japanese animated movies in the list so you can watch those.

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Mirai came out in 2018 and instantly became one of my favorite movie of all time. What engross you in the movie is the background noise that really takes you to a new world entirely.

Silent Voice – Japanese

Best Animated Movies On Netflix
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I said I would include new movies, but The Silent Voice will be on every list I make. It is such a movie gem and has everything you want in an animated film. Everything is integrated in the movie perfectly.

The music, the voiceover, the screenplay, the storyline and the animation, everything will leave you in utter awe.

The Summit Of Gods

The movie is just as fantastic as the name suggests. Possibly my favorite animated movie of 2021. The detailing and research behind this movie is commendable and makes this movie so much more intense.

They told us everything about mountaneering in details, and it never got boring. And the ending is just cherry on top. A must watch for everyone.

In conclusion, Netflix offers a plethora of entertaining animated movies for viewers of all ages. With its diverse collection and constant updates, it’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the best platforms for streaming the above list are best animated movies on Netflix.