Sports anime are more than just animated sports. And if you are not watching sports anime you are missing out on so many things. Sports might not really attract everyone as it all depends on the interest of a person. But as I said earlier sports anime is not just animated sports it is so much more than that. The character depth, the underdog story, the epic comeback, and those heart-shattering moments.

You just don’t watch sports anime you feel it with your heart and if you don’t love sports as a whole you will definitely love the narrative it presents. So, we have made a list for you enlisting some of the best sports anime that you can watch and enjoy. Some of you must have watched many sports anime. And will notice that your favorite anime might not be on the list. It really doesn’t mean that the anime is bad in any sense. It is just our opinion and our favorite anime list that you can watch and enjoy.

Ping-Pong The Animation

Just get over the animation style of this anime. You are in for one of the best rides of your life. It is such an amazing and overlooked anime(because of its animation style most of the time). But just watch the first two episodes. And you will not be able to leave your seat without completing this one.

Slam Dunk

A masterpiece of sports anime. This might be the sports anime that started it all. Amazing comedy scenes, Original, and one of the best storylines. And one hell of a main character that you will definitely get behind. What else do you need? The only downfall will be animation. But regarding the anime that was made in the 90s, you really can’t expect much.

Eyeshield 21

An anime about Rugby, No not rugby but American Football, Lol. Eyeshield 21 is a really unique and good anime to watch. You will love all the characters of the anime. The final arc of the anime felt kinda rushed, but it was still a very satisfying ending.

Prince Of Tennis

If you want to watch a sports anime where amazing characters just ruining their opponents, go for this anime. It is one of those anime that is kind of unrealistic. In terms of the abilities of the players but if you are into that stuff you should watch it.

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Kuroko No Basket

Another anime where overpowered characters will just bash their opponents until they face another overpowered opponent. Kuroko No Basket also shows some unrealistic abilities of the players. But when it was out it was considered to be the best sports anime around.

Yowamushi Pedal

Let’s just mention all the unrealistic sort of anime now. Yowamushi Pedal is also on the boat of being unrealistic with those superpowers. But still, a good anime to watch. This anime also has some inconsistencies, but overall it is a pretty decent watch.

Captain Tsubasa

One of the classics. People grew up while watching this anime. The anime had a remake in 2018. So if you don’t like the classic animation of 1983 you can watch the new one. Both of them are great. But the new one might have an edge because of the animation quality so just go for it.

Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo is the One Piece of the sports genre. It has more than 1300 chapters and is still going strong. Manga doesn’t run for 1000 chapters if it is not loved by fans. The anime is also just as good as anime with perfect pacing and everything. It might be on the side of long anime with many episodes but it’s worth it.

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Ace Of Diamond

Personally favorite anime. Ace of Diamond is a perfect underdog story that you can ask for. It is also one of the anime that has many episodes. And it is still ongoing so you can catch up with it. The anime is reaching an interesting point with every passing episode so it is the best time to start this one


When Haikyuu manga ended last year it was trending number 1 on Twitter worldwide. An anime doesn’t get this much popularity usually. But Haikyuu as in terms of pure sports is the greatest anime ever and with the 4th season just around the corner, you can start it right now.

Some Honorable Mentions:-

  • Initial D
  • Cross Game
  • Major
  • CapetaAshita no Joe
  • Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)
  • Free
  • Giant Killing