Best Anime For Beginners, Which Anime Should I Watch Next: If you are a newbie into anime that has just started his/her journey you are probably confused. Confused about what to watch and which anime will suit your taste now. We have got you covered now. We have compiled a list of the best anime to watch in all the major genres. So, now you don’t have to worry about what to watch. Just bookmark this page because this article will tell you “Which Anime Should I Watch Next”?

Best Anime For Beginners

Best Anime For Beginners

Shounen Genre Anime

The Shounen Genre is the most famous genre of anime. And I am not even lying about that. Most of the famous anime is of the Shounen Genre. So, if you want to start watching anime, this might be the perfect genre for you to start.

  • My Hero Academia – Ongoing
  • Naruto – Finished
  • Attack On Titan – Ongoing
  • Bleach – Finished
  • Tokyo Revengers – Ongoing
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Slice Of Life Anime

Slice Of Life might be the best genre of anime if I am not lying. It is usually so good and peaceful. It is a blissful experience to watch a Slice Of Life anime.

  • Usagi Drop – Finished
  • Mushi-Shi – Finished
  • Tamako Market – Finished
  • Anohana – Finished
  • Free – Finished

Romance Anime

You really need to watch romance anime to see what you are really missing in your life. Romance anime are usually so good. It will make you feel every possible emotion in your body. You will cry, you will laugh and you will root for the characters.

  • Your Lie In April – Finished
  • Clannad – Finished
  • Toradora – Finished
  • Fruits Basket – Completed
  • My Love Story – Finished

Magic Anime

Not a big fan of this genre but some of the anime in this genre are just too good to ignore this genre as well. A really fun genre if you want to start watching anime.

  • InuYasha – Finished
  • Overlord – Finished
  • Fairy Tale – Finished
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service – Finished
  • Puella Madi Madoka Magica – Finished
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Action Anime

A pure action anime is just a perfect package for every action lover. An action anime will provide you every kind of action scene and you will love it because of that.

  • Black Lagoon – Finished
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood – Finished
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan – Finished
  • Akame Ga Kill – Finished
  • Kekkai Sensen – Finished

Supernatural Anime

Supernatural anime are based on mysterious elements that could never truly exist in reality. So all of you fantasy fans, this is the perfect genre for you.

  • Another – Finished
  • Kokoro Connect – Finished
  • The Devil Is A Part-Timer – Finished
  • Bakemonogatari – Finished
  • No Game No Life – Finished

Horror Anime

Personally, my favorite genre of anime. Because horror anime are more than just jump scares and cheap tricks. It scars you mentally and if you ask me that is the best kind of horror.

  • Parasyte -The Maxim – Finished
  • Mirai Nikki – Finished
  • Shiki – Finished
  • School-Live – Finished
  • Higurashi – Ongoing

Psychological Anime

Psychological anime and horror anime is almost the same but are so different from each other. Another personal favorite genre. And if you want to start a Psychological anime, Monster is the way to go.

  • Zetsuen no Tempest – Finished
  • Death Note – Finished
  • Paranoia Agent – Finished
  • Monster – Finished
  • Eden Of The East – Finished
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Science Fiction Anime

There are some absolute gems in this genre of anime. Steins; Gate and Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion are just some of the examples of the Sci-Fi genre of anime.

  • Steins; Gate – Ongoing
  • Cowboy Bebop – Finished
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ongoing
  • Ergo Proxy – Finished
  • Serial Experiment Lain – Finished

Comedy Anime

If you want to have a good time comedy anime is the best for you. Comedy anime is just so good. It will make you laugh so hard that you will grab your stomach throughout.

  • Gintama – Finished
  • Grand Blue – Finished
  • Golden Boy – Finished
  • The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K – Finished
  • Sakamoto Desu Ga – Finished
  • Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun – Finished
  • Space Dandy – Finished

So, these are the anime that you can start your anime journey with. I intentionally didn’t include anime like One Piece because of the number of episodes here. There still are few animes that have a large number of episodes, but it’s watchable. So, you will be able to watch it.